Friday, November 17, 2006

Soapbox rantings

Well its been awhile and my mind is back to working my civilian job after deployments to Iraq and Louisianna for Hurricane Katrina.

I am suffering through another flu/crud/cold/ fever/ crap illness and I reflect on the continued resistance by the Active Military establishment to provide improved retirement/ medical care for Reserve and National guard. Legislation again is struck down based on Pentagon resistance for earlier retirement, improved medical care.

Meanwhile I have to take leave from my civilian job to get seen at VA facility 70 miles away on their schedule to determine what is causing my illness - so it dosen't happen. Whats that - what about the medical care your got from the Army when you departed Iraq? Well - when my group came back we turned in gear, had a few near worthless general briefings and three days later were sent to home. No Medical screening except a questionaire, no medical care information for return home - fortunately the VA sent a packet and many of us at least registered with the VA at home.

Meanwhile - the legislation which did get approved this year is a significant increase in pay for the Generals and senior members of the Pentagon - sound familiar?

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