Thursday, January 25, 2007

Petraeus heading MNF-I

I'm proud to have had the opportunity to work for Gen Petraeus in the past when he was commander of MNSTC-I. He was an inspirational and highly courageous leader.

He is clearly the best choice for MNF-I commander and I hope he will make a difference and change the course of events in Iraq. However, I am concerned the task will be beyond what he and his assigned soldiers can bear in country. The problems associated with a disfunctional government and lack of equal support from our own State Department and other US agencies are overwhelming. I heard it attributed to Gen Petraeus that "hard is not hopeless" - but what does hard look like?

It's up to the leadership of Iraq (Maliki) to really control and manage the Iraqi entities charged with securing their own country. For the Iraqi government it remains business as usual - graft, corruption, laise faire work ethic and performance from the Iraqi Police and military, which cannot be continued, but is currently accepted. Their country is at war. Petraeus is, in essence, buying time for Maliki to demonstrate some basic competence and allow the political process breathing room. In Iraq and Baghdad today the problems can be attributed to the deals and political crisis Maliki has made for his government. You can figure that allowing a one sided remedy from the Shites in Iraq will include black market deals with the likes of Sadr and others.... this is a recepe which will continue the sectarian civil war and continue the political deadlock.

Good Luck sir, you will need it.

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