Friday, October 26, 2007

My Baby in AIT

My daughter graduated High School last June and shipped to OSUT which is Basic Training then advanced individual Military skill training (AIT) immediately following. She started her military career journey at Basic training on 2 July.

I wrote about my daughter’s progress before – so this is an update – she completed Basic Training several weeks ago and is now in the middle of AIT. She has mastered the routine and hours of school, hands on training, numbing succession of topics for her specialty (Military Police) and has changed in a remarkable way as a result.

I am a product of the same system and yet I still marvel at the transformation of my little Girl into a soldier… she is certainly team oriented and seems to be making comments about her platoon, squad and their activities. She has morphed from the Mall Girl into a GI Jane of sorts, stronger, leaner and more determined to exceed…. I talk with her and realize that she is growing in maturity, poise, confidence to an extent that is never realized by many people…. She has gained it in 15 weeks in the Army.

She has a little more freedom and privileges now in the latter stages of her training. She can have a cell phone in off duty hours and can call more often. She is not aware of the changes that have occurred to the extent that I see them in her demeanor and attitude.

She has grasped that she is part of a special group of patriots that serve their country…the soldier. She is developing an evolving sense that she is gaining personally while having the honor of serving her country. She answered a calling that she heard as a whisper when she signed up, but now knows well - she is Army Strong.

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