Monday, August 04, 2008

Writers block or its too quiet

I have been rather delinquent these last two months in posting anything of interest here on the blog site. Its been rather uneventful during the summer for me with all the bike rides, summer pursuits and what not.

BB is planning her secret R&R trip home next month (I'm not supposed to know... she gave the secret to her brother "porous lips scooter" and after one beer he spilled the beans like a seasick cook.) We are looking forward to her stateside sojourn with glee abeit secretly. I guess I'll find out if she reads this blog shortly.
Maybe I'll have her take me to get my first tattoo when she's home...

Otherwise it has been little happenings on the reserve community front. Not much in the way of legislation to bitch about, causes to spurn discussion. Perhaps some of my readers can submit comments on topics worth exploring here. Also send any ideas for tattoos

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