Monday, October 20, 2008

Women in the Army

Beginning Oct. 20 through Nov. 14, the U.S. Army will honor the achievements of its women warriors as part of a three-week “Celebration of Women in the Army.” The commemoration coincides with the anniversary of the full integration of women into the Army for 30 years, with the disestablishment of the Women’s Army Corps by former President Jimmy Carter.

Throughout the U.S. Army's history, women soldiers have proven they are equal to any task...and when their country calls, they respond as U.S. Army Soldiers with distinction.

Today, women represent 13.5 percent of the active Army, 14.1 percent of the Army National Guard, and 23.7 percent of the Army Reserve.

There is no difference in ability of women soldiers in today’s army. Over the years I had the opportunity to serve with some great examples of soldiering – exhibited by women and men alike. I also have a daughter that chose to serve in the Army and I’m proud of her capabilities as a soldier as well. In fact, there are many that I should personally thank for their capabilities and service to country.

I thought it fitting to note the Army’s honor for these soldiers. Hopefully each is thanked for their contributions.

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