Thursday, February 15, 2007

Army Surplus Gear

I realize how fast life is changing now that I'm retired from the Army. I was in my closet at home and I have so many uniforms freshly pressed and hanging there ready for action. I have the BDUs in woodland camoflage, Desert Camoflage Uniforms, Dress Blues, Class A Uniforms and a drawer ful of the pins for rank, branch, Unit Crests etc... All in all - its an eclectic colloection that represents much that made up my life until last year.

As all these costumes take up nearly half my closet its that time that I really have to consider what to do with each item. I look at the BDUs that have my 98th Division patch, airborne wings, air assault wings and I have those fond flashbacks of the time I was that stud 21 year old Lieutenant taking the world by storm. I look at my Desert Camoflage uniforms and I'm reminded of my year in Iraq... before the ACUs were issued... old school attire already as everyone in country and shortly in the Army will be attired in ACUs.

So with the exception of the dress outfits, my uniforms are obsolete... likely to be rendered into hunting outfits or rags .... a tough end and yet another reminder of a cherished career that has come to an end. Pardon me as I get a little misty eyed as I pull the uniforms off the hanger...they will no longer warrant closet space.... I take another step away from my youth and the great thrill that I was honored with - that of being a soldier.

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