Friday, March 02, 2007

Kids in Iraq

I have a screen saver at my office that flashes up pictures that I have collected. In the folder that is the source for the picture I have all kind of pictures -

Pictures of our many convoys in Iraq, Battle damaged vehicles, scenes of miserable conditions, potential military facilities we were looking at, etc... I also have pictures of my Grandchild (Lil age 9 Months) and my children. I had all the pictures laid out recently and I noticed that more than half of the socially acceptable pictures were of kids we encountered will reconning the many Potential Iraqi Military and Police facilities we were considering reconstructing. In any conflict - Kids are the unknowing victims of all combatants and that is a depressing thought at times.... lets hope that we continue to improve the conditions for these kids.

I thought I would post a couple pics of the Kids.

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