Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It’s a Family thing

Only a few of you know me personally, somewhat by design, but I thought I’d use a post to share with you a little piece of my personal life. It was yesterday that my daughter – 18 years old and my youngest – told me that she was enlisted in the Army Reserve. Yes we knew that she had been contemplating joining the Army just like her father, mother and older brother all have done. She had her scheduled date with MEPs and was sworn in yesterday and I am so proud.

I spent years in the Active Army and Army Reserve as both a soldier and a Military Technician and I know the good and the bad she will experience. I have misgivings about where she may serve, the dangers, the toil and trials she will face like any parent does… it doesn’t get any easier being completely familiar with where she is going. On the other hand, I am so proud she chose to take a path traveled by the rest of the family – into service to country and the rewards that come with that service. She bubbled with excitement telling me what her day at MEPs was like and how she was completely satisfied and happy with her (yes her) decision.

Not to sound like a recruiting pitch… but, I will say that I am sure that the exposure to the military life is an immensely positive influence. I have seen many young people exposed to the mind and soul immersion that military life requires and it is nearly always a positive process. Teenagers converted to responsible and disciplined team oriented community members. A sense of belonging to something more than is offered by working for corporate America.

Now this is my second kid that will go through that crucible of Basic training and AIT and become a soldier. She will be in the hands of Drill Sergeants, Army institutions, processes and leaders on her way to that transformation I have seen before. I believe in the system and look forward to the result. I have no doubt that she will benefit from the opportunities the Army provides…. But she will remain my little girl…here is wishing her all that she desires and more from the experience.

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Some Soldier's Mom said...

Congratulations. You've obviously done your job well: you presented the pros & cons of service and you raised her to make rational decisions and to accept that service to a cause greater than herself, you have instilled a sense of honor and commitment that will serve her well her entire life. But yeah, tough to get over that parent's worry.