Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Baby is a soldier

My daughter graduated High School last June and shipped to OSUT which is Basic Training then advanced individual Military skill training (AIT) immediately following. She just finished her OSUT (Basic and advanced individual Training) and has become a Beret wearing Hooah soldier.

I wrote about my daughter’s progress through the training process before – so this is another update – she completed Basic Training and AIT for Military Police at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO and returned back home in time for Thanksgiving several weeks ago. I remain in marvel of the system that transformed my little Girl into a soldier.

She is getting ready to step out to an affiliation with her Reserve Unit which is full of other members that have made the transition to citizen soldier military life . She will begin College in the Spring Semester and will remain ready for whatever call follows her unit in the future. She is committed to serving in any capacity assigned and knows the possibility of deployment is ever present in her position. She has morphed from the Mall Girl into a GI Jane of sorts, stronger, leaner and more determined to exceed…. I talk with her and realize that she is growing in maturity, poise, confidence to an extent that is never realized by many people…. She has gained it in 15 weeks in the Army.

So a tip of the Hat to the Drill Sergeants, process and leaders that comprise the community that transforms our teenagers into soldiers – I can personally attest that they have done a good job from my perspective in instilling pride, teamwork, Army Values and a sense of service into my little princess that now can handle an M16 as well.

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Kathi said...

Our young man, and his wife, both just graduated at Ft. Leonard Wood this past June :)

A big Congratulations! and Well Done! to your daughter!!