Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Supporting our Soldiers

I often get asked what to send to soldiers by family members, friends, legion members. Often times I like to take time to discover the individual that they are sending packages to or learn that they feel a need to do something for military personnel stationed overseas during the Holidays. Many of the things I received in country were through the kindness of people sending stuff through organizations of companies that worked to acknowledge the service of sldiers – especially over the holidays.

Nothing beats a letter, package from loved ones sent directly to a soldier… Its easy enough to do once you have the soldiers address in country… its so great to get mail. If you don’t know a soldier serving personally, the military no longer accepts mail addressed to "Any Service Member" but there are still dozens of ways you can show your support to the American Soldier and the U.S. Army.

Many independent organizations are ready and willing to help support the troops. You can go to this site to get a short list of organizations that will help you send messages, packages and other mementos of support to troops.

Most of the organizations listed are nonpartisan, non-political groups and organizations that work to support U.S. deployed and wounded troops in harm's way. Many are managed by volunteers.

Take a moment this holiday season to check out the support agencies and see if you can support our soldiers…I can say on behalf of one former soldier that it is certainly appreciated.

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