Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reserve Component Community Based Health

Read in yesterday’s Stand-to magazine about The Army’s program called The Community Based Health Care Organization (CBHCO). This program allows a recuperating Reserve Component Soldier to obtain services from medical facilities near home, while remaining on active duty.

As stated
CBHCOs provide Reserve Component Warriors in Transition (WTs) high-quality health care and administrative processing through nine CBHCO units, managing more than 1,300 Soldiers, who live in all parts of the country.

Medical retention processing units are located at the following installations:
Fort Dix Fort Carson
Fort Drum Fort Lewis
Fort Eustis Fort Riley
Aberdeen Proving Ground Camp Atterbury
Fort Lee Fort McCoy
Fort Benning Fort Leonard Wood
Fort Bragg Fort Bliss
Fort Campbell Fort Hood
Fort Stewart Fort Polk
Fort Buchanan Fort Sill
Fort Jackson Fort Huachuca
Fort Knox Fort Sam Houston
Fort Rucker

Additionally CBHCOs will be established at the following locations:

This is a great leap forward in treating and caring for Reserve and Guard soldiers that allows application of localized comprehensive care to Guard and Reserve soldiers. Now there are quantified instructions address duty status, reassignment actions, personnel accountability, evaluation reports, promotion, pay, release from active duty (REFRAD) procedures, retirement, and discharge for Soldiers who fall into various categories in deployment medical care. The rules cover care for soldiers who fail pre-deployment screening, become injured or Ill during deployment and post deployment care.

Based upon personal experience this is a vast improvement over the medical care available as recently as 3-4 years ago and reflects the Army medical and human Capital elements recognizing the deficit and improving upon the delivery of medical care to Reserve and Guard soldiers.

Its early, but I think we have a course for better care of our Reserve Component soldiers thanks to their efforts.

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Anonymous said...

That article in Stand-to was only about 4 years late. The first CBHCO, the one in Florida, stood up in April 2004. I know, I was there as part of the original cadre.