Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just stay out deserter

Read today this article

A U.S. soldier who fled to Canada because he refused to serve in Iraq has been deported, and now faces a possible court martial.
Robin Long crossed the border into Canada in 2005. Last October, he was arrested in Nelson, B.C., on a Canada-wide warrant.
He called military operations in Iraq "an illegal war of aggression."
On Monday, Federal Court of Canada Justice Anne Mactavish said Long did not provide enough convincing evidence that he will face irreparable harm if he's sent back to the United States.

Another soldier had to take this soldier’s place… he volunteered apparently feeling no shame in bailing out of his contract. Frankly I have no problem with him staying in Canada or any other country for that matter… let him renounce his citizenship as an empty gesture – he should be prohibited from ever stepping foot on US soil again as he is unwilling to stand up to his promise and bond to serve it.

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