Monday, July 07, 2008

Too easy to forget

We celebrated the 4th of July as a summer holiday celebrating that over 232 years ago, our forefathers representing the original thirteen colonies of the United States signed the most important document in our Nation’s history – the Declaration of Independence. The Fourth of July holiday period is a time to reflect upon our freedom and celebrate the many blessings we enjoy as Americans.

I realized that it was too easy to forget that we have soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that go through this holiday overseas and it is just another day in service. Toiling everyday in most locales, these modern day patriots quietly observe an effort to sustain the freedom we have come to enjoy.

I guess that while enjoying the holiday, it hit me that I should work not to forget that they are enabling my friends and I the opportunity to live in the most free, democratic nation where we experience freedoms that others can only dream about. On a holiday about those who started freedom, we should cheer on a nation where it's citizens care so deeply about freedom & democracy that many are willing to volunteer to join in freedom's defense, when/where the nation calls.

So I’m working to make it harder to forget all those that preserve our freedom on this day after the holiday. We move on with daily routines…but a moment of reflection is easy to accomplish. So today I give thanks to those keeping those freedoms viable while serving us enjoying our summertime pursuits.


A Mid-Knight in B Block said...

Hey Sir,

Just wanted to say hi. I am MAJ Florence former MNSTC-I J4 Base/Life Support Officer. Currently I am with the 167th CSSB and you would recognize a lot of our staff.

XO - MAJ Hauser (yes, the one from your old section)

S3 - CPT Rousseau (the 1LT in the left hand rear row of your picture)

CSM Morse (more on the MITT side)

SFC Menard (MNSTC-I J4 Taji)

SSG Collins (MNSTC-I J4)

Hope you enjoy a cigar and fond memories today.

Anonymous said...

I am unfortunate pleasure of being assigned under the 167th CSSB another acrynom for ChickenShit Battalion. CSM Morse is a piece of shit too. Can't wait to get back to Texas. Oh pass the sign in roster gotta sign the sign in roster or else I may not get back to Texas.