Thursday, November 06, 2008

Camp Cropper Pictures

I stumbled upon Time Magazines site with pictures of Camp Cropper. For those of you that read this Blog, you know that my daughter is stationed at that installation with her Reserve unit.

A glimpse inside of a detention facility with some of Time magazine's photos and comments. They can be found here -,29307,1856440_1793043,00.html

Camp Cropper Time Photos

I saw some of the Iraqi run facilities and can assure readers that the site as pictured at Camp Cropper is significantly better for the inmates. The incapacity of the Iraqi Justice system to adjudicate the release or process for these inmates is however somehow our fault.

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Anonymous said...

HI Stan!

I'm Georg from Germany. I served three times in Iraq for a private contractor
/ pay good money)

and also visited Camp Cropper. You're totally right, the site is better than pictured in TIME.

Best regards,