Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The B is at work

The B is my daughter who is assigned to the 744th MP Battalion and is currently working at Camp Cropper in Iraq. The 744th is slowly settling into its routine and environment at that facility. All reports seem to be good for the unit.

B is finding that she is faced with some of the dull routine and tedium that accompanies such an assignment. As her father I am glad it is so boring and hope it stays quiet for her throughout her tour.

She is otherwise in great spirits and is doing well.

Several of my readers have inquired about her address and I will provide that for those of you that I know so you can drop her a note of encouragement. She likes getting the mail as it is a little bit of home in that locale so far away.


Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not imposing, but I have a question. I will be deployed to Camp Cropper later this year and details about the living conditions for soldiers are sketchy at best. Could you post any information about the living conditions, buildings, soldiers per room, internet, phone, activities, etc.? Any information would be greatly appeciated, and would go a long way to helping me and my unit in the coming months. And if not, I understand. Thanks.

MrWalls said...

I am the soldier that sent the original request for information on Camp Cropper. I understand your reservations about posting information on your website. However, I am asking again and this comment should include my email address. If you contact me at that account and are willing to give me a heads up on the conditions at Camp Cropper, I will provide my AKO account so that you can send the information there. Thanks again.