Friday, April 11, 2008

Where in the world is the B?

To continue updating my few readers on the status of my daughter I can offer the following details. BB is her nickname and I will use that from here forward to identify her status.

B is in Kuwait as of this writing – with her unit in additional training (she says for the 3-4th time they have been doing these tasks). The routine is tedious and “boring” and there is a lot of “lets get to the job” sentiment in the unit. She has been a nomad for the last several days. As she put it “she would like to sleep on the same cot twice in a row” She is living thru a very transient period that most everyone going to or from Iraq has to endure.

I expect that she and her unit will move to their final assigned location shortly and there will be a little bit more stabilization in the routine. The sleeping on cots may not change much over the course of the next year – the living conditions are Spartan in country. She continues to participate, as all of the soldiers in her unit are, in a great sacrifice of personal comfort and freedom to contribute to the Army’s mission. Many don’t realize that in addition to the dangers of the task that soldiers must endure a standard of living and conditions for 12-15 months that are akin to imprisonment in this country.

A loss of personal freedom to meet the tasks of our democracy, freely taken up by a volunteer force of a few, for the good of all.

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