Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Next Commander in Chief

Well its finally Primary time here in Pennsylvania and the focus is largely on the Democratic candidates running neck and neck. We have been bombarded with ads from both addressing the ills that will be corrected and the usual political promises one would expect prior to our vote.

Much of the focus in this election is centered on the soured economical conditions, the high price of petroleum and the need to change Washington Politics. At the moment there is little in the way of focus on the War in Iraq from most of the Candidates and I understand that the message is currently being catered to what is formost on most American minds here stateside.

I am concerned with the thought that one of the candidates will ultimately be voted in as President in November. That individual will assume the duties as President In January 2009 and more significant to me as a former soldeir, that individual will be the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

There is no course, experience, or training that can completely prepare someone for the duties as CinC. There is much to learn in being a capable leader of the largest and most capable military this world has ever seen. The task is immense - given the current worn but servicable condition of the services, the need for transformation to address future needs, the inevitable budget reductions and balancing act the task may even seem impossible.

The affairs of the Defense Department cannot be managed by one individual of course and the CinC must rely on the judgement and experiece of senior Civilian and military leaders. In the coming days we will get to observe the team assembled to sustain the capabilities of the Military. Lets hope the candidate selected takes the task as CinC as one of their most important and selects a winning team... the cost of failure is significant.

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CJ said...

Thanks for your comment over on ASP. And thanks for YOUR service!! 24 years is a long time in Army years! I've also added you to our blogroll.