Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lt Watada - Officer that refused to go to Iraq

The Army is allowing the resignation of the first commissioned officer to be court-martialed for refusing to go to Iraq. The Associated press reports that officer, First Lt. Ehren Watada, will be granted a discharge on Oct. 2, “under other-than-honorable conditions,”

The Army attempted to court Marshal this officer for other charges related to his missing his unit’s deployment and with conduct unbecoming an officer for denouncing President George W. Bush and the war — statements he made while explaining his actions. The trial on conduct unbecoming ended in a mistrial.

Well, I'm glad this former Officer is now going to be discharged. I think the Army bungled the charges in an ill fated attempt to muzzle the officer when he was speaking his mind (as disagreeable as it was). Lt Watada will likely go on to write a book about his experience with the army that he truly was not suited to serve. I'm glad that the Army decided to just separate him and end his employment. Think of the bully pulpit that could have been reduced had the Army simply took action on the missing movement with a subsequent discharge.