Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Interesting Photos of Army Reserve

Ran across this interesting picture show from Time Magazine that covers the 100 Years of the Army Reserve. The 16 pictures provided are a very brief look into the history of the Reserves.

From my own perspective is the stuff inbetween the pictures… the years of less than adequate funding and few training resources that were somehow overcome in our nation’s moment of need to provide the Ready force we have today. There are lots of unsung Reserve soldiers that toiled for years in unappreciated efforts to get the Army Reserve to where it is today.

Here is the site – take a look – its worth the time

Also found at Time’s site is an interesting piece on how one town copes with PTSD… It’s a bit of a anti-war, crazed soldiers fluffery, but it does communicate the potential issues soldiers face and the trials their families endure. Also worth reading here

And to everyone of my readers (or the one reader)... have a happy Thanksgiving - heres hoping your chow is not a turkey menu MRE and you have pause to be thankful for something out there.

Monday, November 09, 2009

VA charging my insurance

I spent 24 years on Active and Reserve duty in the Army. After my tour in Iraq ended in Dec 2005, I decided to go to the VA to get checked out, after all I never recieved an exit physical from the Army upon my discharge (Honorable). Several attempts later and after restarting the process this past couple months I finally got the physical and blood work. You can read about my first attempt in earlier posts...

Imagine my suprise at recieving a notice from my Health Insurance that the VA charged the insurance (for which I must pay a deductable) for the physical. I was taken a bit by suprise. Yes indeed, the VA goes to my insurance carrier to get reimbursed for the blood work completed as part of my physical. According to the statement I recieved from my insurance carrier I will owe the VA $161 dollars for the tests.

The Veteran's Administration - what a great system.

I'm a little cloudy on what transpired...but, I guess that as a Reserve Soldier and a combat Veteran that I don't get health care or even the courtesy of a health screening after serving. I'm just a little bit discouraged at the system.