Monday, November 09, 2009

VA charging my insurance

I spent 24 years on Active and Reserve duty in the Army. After my tour in Iraq ended in Dec 2005, I decided to go to the VA to get checked out, after all I never recieved an exit physical from the Army upon my discharge (Honorable). Several attempts later and after restarting the process this past couple months I finally got the physical and blood work. You can read about my first attempt in earlier posts...

Imagine my suprise at recieving a notice from my Health Insurance that the VA charged the insurance (for which I must pay a deductable) for the physical. I was taken a bit by suprise. Yes indeed, the VA goes to my insurance carrier to get reimbursed for the blood work completed as part of my physical. According to the statement I recieved from my insurance carrier I will owe the VA $161 dollars for the tests.

The Veteran's Administration - what a great system.

I'm a little cloudy on what transpired...but, I guess that as a Reserve Soldier and a combat Veteran that I don't get health care or even the courtesy of a health screening after serving. I'm just a little bit discouraged at the system.

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