Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Army Reserve Job Site

Stumbled accross an Army Reserve site that espouses the job opportunities with partners and supporting employers. The site is another Blogsite like this one it seems... Unfortunately the site is corporate eyewash and has all the individual personality that a PR person can impart...they need some personallity in these sites..liven it up a little... - perhaps they can get some contributors that have lived the life as Reserve Soldiers that have walked the talk.

They do have a piece on LTG Stultz - I like the touch as stated

This is no longer, the Army Reserve that I came into way back in '79

all good so far but then he candy coats Army Reserve Service with

that said, 'One weekend a month, two weeks in the summer; that's all we ask.' -

what??!? come on now ... count schooling, admin drill assemblies, G&C time, Correspondence courses etc...tell it like it is - Its work, but like any work where you are part of a team its not the time you spend but the satisfaction in the result.

Read it for yourself... try not to nod off - its at Http://myarmyreserve.blogspot.com/2009/02/start-your-job-search-today.html


Anonymous said...


I love their "Guidelines":

Please provide positive comments that will edify the Army Reserve community. If you have a less then positive comment, please recommend a solution. Comments that are unprofessional and not reflective of Army values will be pulled. Thank you.

1: (archaic)
2: to instruct and improve especially in moral and religious knowledge

I'm a Reservist as well and this whole "we're now an OPERATIONAL Reserve" without providing a corresponding increase in FUNDING, TRAINING TIME, and SUPPORT PERSONELL (MilTechs/AGR's) is nothing but blatent hypocracy and guess what Gen Stultz, the troops see through it.

I've referred around 32+ people into the Military since 2003 and in every case I've told them to go ACTIVE DUTY and to stay away from the Guard and Reserve.

There is more costs and less benefits than just going Active and staying in if you like it or getting out and being a civilian if you don't.

The USAR, as currently structured and funded is unsustainable.

USARC needs to own up and be honest with both DA, DOD and the Congress and tell them we can not continue to do what they want us to do unless they get on the damn ball and properly fund us and bring our benefits on par.

One more year and I'm done at 19 years.

I'm not sticking around for the "retirement" because I can make 20x what that piddlysquat is worth by going overseas as a contractor for one year.

USAR, Ready and Relevant?


Sign me,
SFC RealityCheck

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