Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Update on Kim

Kim (the B) made it home today safely after her year in Iraq with her unit the 744th MP Battalion. She arrive home in time for the holidays thanks to the efforts of the Team at Ft Bragg and the persistence of the unit leadership.

To Kim and all members of the 744th MP Battalion in Bethlehem, PA - Welcome Home and thanks!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Stan Ive read some of you blog as i stumbled across it while researching your daughters unit. First let me say thanks to both you for your service and glad she had a safe return. I have a qustion though kind of more towards her but obviously you can ask her. Im currious of her units duties in iraq from what i herd in your blog it seems like there job was pretty uneventfull (in a good way) but i know someone from her unit that is claiming ot be some sort of war hero. Claiming to have killed many as well as been shot him self. yet from all i read on their unit it seems as if they were in charge of the prison and that alone? and herd nothing of conflict purple hearts or any other of the sotires ive herd and theres nothing wrong with that there service is greatly aperciated but having family in the service i would find it offensive if he was lying about doin those things. and i could imagine that you would feel the same serving. im currious if its possilbe for you and or your daughter to clear that up for me?

Anonymous said...

Members of the 744 MP BN guarded a theater interment facility and nothing more. That person may most likely be elaberating on their experience which is unfortunate and does not reflect on the unit's mission.