Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Armor Warfighter Conference

Just returned last week from the Armor Warfighter Conference. This conference is hosted each year at Ft. Knox for the Armor community to foster communication and educate on developments within the Heavy Force. It is always very informative and provides an opportunity to get updated on what is happening in my basic branch.

This year was a little quieter in terms of future plans with the FCS being recently de-tuned with regard to vehicle platforms. The future of the Armor force will include a varient of the M1 and M2 platforms well into the future. It was discussed that these platforms began development in the 70s and will likely still be part of the force into 2030 and beyond.

I guess that what we tankers knew when we recieved the M1 in the early 80s has proven itself. The M1 platform was an evolutionary step for the force. I'm sure the development of better systems to improve the M1 will be coming for some time.

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